Thursday, July 7, 2011


I stood at the gate for I could go no further

Seeing the whiteness of the flowing robes He wore

Hearing the beseeching, pleading and weeping

Then understanding

My Savior kneeling, atoning for my sins

Me simply standing at the gate, watching the greatest act of mankind

What awe inspired moment for mankind and I wept upon the gate

I stood back in the trees watching the approach from the distance

A wagon with a lantern, giving only a glow of the driver and his cargo

In the back laid the Prophet his Brother by his side

Killed that day as a sealing act of his life and works he taught

Feeling the anxiety of the saints for the death of their prophet

I turn my back as the wagon passed and wept for the saints and the loss

I stood atop of a mountain as the wind and the rain beat down

In the dark of the night others ill prepared, to endure such a mountain storm

I pleaded with my Father that for their sake, this storm should pass away

A voice told me to make it so and command the wind and rain

The moon can in to view as the clouds disappeared the sky was clear and bright

I thanked my Father deeply and marveled in the greatness of this world

I stand here now to let you know that such things have happened to me

But understand it is not my faith that have made these such witnesses so

For small like a mustard seed is my faith and trials must still make me grow

But by grace have these gifts been given for strength and as a witness for me

Great things to do and expected of me and I know that this little seed can grow

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