Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just off Nicholas Street and down 20th

Two houses on the right of Ohio

Was a home on the right near to my heart

For time seem to stop while I was there

The house wasn’t different than any others

It was brick and mortar and wood

But what made it so dear was those inside

Those that loved me lived in there

I would come through the door

Just as loud as could be

My grandfather giving me that look

Sit here my boy and be still for a while

Yet Grandma would come to the rescue

For she knew I could not last

To the kitchen she’d call

With food waiting there

But those times I sat still

Something wonderful happened

Different than what I had known

A new world was opened and given to me

A world that just we would share

Not to be discovered by others

And not really a place

But a time between he and me

A time to learn and to share

For me to learn of myself

With the stories he shared

Sometimes just a wink and a nod

Time to learn and to help

To do and do right

To be and to share

This was magical for me

Those days have since passed

The place I don’t visit

For time was the essence we shared

Closing my eyes I can see him again

And stop time for while with him

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