Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Edge

Traveling along such a broad road

Yet having to walk near the edge

Makes one weary and slowly fearful

As you watch the others race round the bend

Fear for your life with each step you take

Not looking behind or ahead

You’ve shifted your eyes for a second once

The cost you found was nearly the end

Why the edge, what put you here

Simply step to the side you say

See how easy it is for them to move

Like they have not a care, as they speed along

Don’t, I yell at the top of my voice

Yet not a soul seems to even break stride

No one’s pushing me here; no one’s bumping me here

Here I move at my own little stride

This fear I have grown comfortable with

It’s mine and I hold it dear

To give in is too hard, to let go, too much, to share is impossible

For I have lived this way most of my life, and now is no time to change

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