Thursday, July 7, 2011

Between Sleep and Awake

Laying here somewhere between sleep and awake

A place between a-bliss and life’s pain

Hearing the familiar sounds around you

Hoping not to feel yet another day begin

Slipping almost into dream with a whiplash shake to reality

Enjoying the time distraction and interests this brings

Slowly being pulled into another day

By a will that seems not your own

Looking into your mind searching for a clue

Something that will tell you what was done the day before

Pushing things out of the way that seems common

Catching the one thing and holding to it

The thing that tells you what day this is

Calculating the issue of the day and things that must be done

Pushing through the sludge of the medication

To find a place to start

Wondering the differences of this day and the last

Looking for anything that might change things

And hoping, hoping with all your might and stating

This Day Will Be Different

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