Thursday, July 7, 2011


Living and dying are two very miss understood words

One can say start living or start dying

But living and dying is done at the same time, it’s a concurrent act

Life gives no time line of things no sense of relationship to one or the other

Dying seems to be a static state in comparison to living

Life is but someone moving you like a chess piece with a string from start to finish

Death is not the stopping of all things, it simply the splitting of body and spirit

This is nothing strange; it’s not new to you,

Death is not a new state, you already experienced it

Think about the time and state of thinks and where you are

You have been without this mortal coil once before

However death will keep you from doing things you once did

The worse part I image is death will keep feel as though you have lost a friend

Yet all things have been paid, a ransom given and the return will be rewarded

The body renewed without flaw, never to grow old or ill,

Body be reunited with your spirit perpetually

To live, to do the best things, the things that you dreamed, in a new place

A world without end a wonderful world with only the best

You may think of “OZ” yet we have no inkling of its beauty, majesty, and Glory.

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