Thursday, July 7, 2011

When You Hear It

And when you hear it, you’re not so sure you got it

But as the days pass you never seem to forget the moment.

It’s not a matter of what you heard,

Now you know you cannot work

You heard it correctly no doubt, and now it haunts you.

So here you sit, waiting on the couch wondering what it will take--

Take to continue, to help yourself and to continue helping others.

A wonderment of life and its meaning, if the things you wanted to do are still possible,

Can you add to society, can you be more than a burden now that you know

And now what does life holds in store for you and yours.

Then you begin to hope, the day having ups and downs and manageable

You see little glimpse of service, sharing and teaching as you go

Still remember the day and words you heard,

But now they have a different meaning to them,

Life has changed, it’s become unique.

Not able to do those things you could do before,

Somehow opens windows that would never have been there before.

The pain still reminds the meds are still necessary;

However, the words which crushed once are now not so tough.

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