Thursday, July 7, 2011


In the dark of the night, when the sounds you hear are so very familiar,

Lying there wondering if the fears you are fighting are even the correct ones,

Looking for a glimpse of hope and Valium seems to be all there is,

Do you find life’s meanings, create new problems or only set yourself up for the next night?

Is life this hard or do we make it what it is by arguing with others and ourselves.

It’s often these wordless arguments that are most difficult and futile

Fights that have only one side cannot be solved, answers almost never come,

Those answers you do receive are questions again in the long hours of the night.

Lows, fears, questions, pain, anguish, heartache

Looking though the holes you see in your life

Knowing you have poked a few by accident,

Realizing you hammered others in with all your might

Then understanding some of them exist only because of your daily humanity

Can you tape the holes to hide them?

Place putty to fill them?

The knowledge of your humanity creates the fights, the worry, the futility.

The days when the sun shines, and the wind blows with the smell of Spring in the air

The hope of the day the heat of the Sun on your face

The length of the hope, the depth of the heat, the smell of the air

In the middle of the night, where are these feelings, hope, smells

How do you hold them, make them part of your essence?

Rid the fight, the argument, the doubt, find the peace, the quiet, the simplicity

Be at one with the person you are, the issue you have, the life you have

Listen to the noise and quiet in the night, fear not the fights but learn and love and know the Son.

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