Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life’s Strugglings

There seems to be a balance

A tight rope that we walk

As we learn the things of God

We balance oh so hard

As we get to know more

The rope lowers a bit

Closer to the ground it seem

Sometimes we can straddle it

Then we learn the things we must

With knowledge that can bring us Home

And the tight rope still pulled tight

But just lays there on the ground

At first you wonder what this means

For now you can walk where you chose

No rope is keeping you above the ground

Nor is it holding you in the air

You’ve learn free will from the stories

You know you have a choice

There are great and wonderful things

Out there a world you’ve not yet seen

You can peek at the things

Come right back, whats the harm

You know others who do just that

And say the teachings will protect you

Besides what’s free will, if you can’t use it

But no, it is not this the reason it’s given

To know the evil from the good

Reason tells me it’s the thing to do

So why, why is it so hard to go

The decision seems so clear

There is an entity that holds me here

Just why I do not know

I sit and I ponder the things I heard

And a feeling comes over me

One I have felt as I walk the rope

It’s the love of the Lord I feel here

For I have kept the promises

The covenants I hold true

I hold them dear and close to me

And now the Savior comes

To keep me from the world

And hold me close to him

To protect me and direct me

Just as we covenanted

I wonder some days

How different it would be

If I have walk over that line I knew

And left His hands so safe

But I continue to keep the covenants

And make more as my life progress

I follow the path I was put upon

And feel the Savior’s love

It’s a feeling the one cannot describe

Nor share with one another

But I can help another find that path

Then share in the light of His Love

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