Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eyes Held Shut

I lay here with my eyes shut tight I dare not open them

For I have once already seen the time and don’t want to look again

I hear a sound outside that’s ever so soft a distant sound of a train whistle blows seems to beckon me

A single train, or more from here I cannot know, where do they go it occurs to me moving almost silently

Time must have past as my mind has wondered listening as I did, moving from place to place

That somehow it must have taken time but still I can’t, I won’t open my eye for fear of what I might see

You see there’s a place if you can wait, that sometimes you will find that comes

only once in a while

It’s a place the lives between awake and asleep and it’s only there for a moment

But in dreams, time has no existence, no place for our worries and it seems to last quite long

And if we are lucky very luck that place that we’ve found is not interrupted and we get to sleep on

I look at the clock and see the time, the time has change, it has changed at last

I cannot remember that brief moment but it is daylight now, it has begun and I can face the day once more

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