Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life and What Waits

At this age I sit in my chair

I watch the world travel by

Seeing others do the things I once did

At any age this is always disheartening

I feel as though I once were

But now what I was I am no longer

Time playing a role in all that happens

Age playing a factor with a lot you can do

But neither time nor age controls all things

Illness can brought me to my knees

Not knowing what to expect or what will be done

Hearing others tell you they do not know what is next

Living a day at a time making the most of all

Knowing the medication is taking its own toll

Smiling most of the time as you meet others along the way

Working all the time to stay positive amid the fears

Cheering other as they come even among the tears

Not letting them know how hard, hurt, scared, all this has become

For you are here to learn and grow

This life is to face the dark and feel the light

To know that once you are finished life eternal waits

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