Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darkest Days

Deep down in the recesses of my heart

During the darkest of the days

There is only One that can meet me there

For He has paid the price to go

Lord I cry asking are you there

Waiting for that sweetest of replies

I wait for what seems a life time

But at last the feeling comes

Dear little one why do you doubt

We spoke of this before

You know this trial is yours to bear

But I stand right here with you

How hard it is I cry to Him

When I feel all left alone

Though faith I have and trust in thee

This burden seem so much

Think back He says when this began

Your worry, pain and unease

See what you have reached my dear friend

Your faith and trust have grown

Now worry not and be on your way

Knowing that I am here

But understand this child of mine

That the time you grow most of all is when you are left alone

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