Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Touch

I think the walls are moving in on me

Oh yes here it beings

Quick find a marker somewhere on the wall

Make sure that it’s true and not just a trick in your head

No, no the marker is gone

The people have covered it

So many people I can’t breath

Stop moving, Stop talking, Stop breathing please

I don’t think I can stay here any more

Outside quick outside, blue sky, green grass, life at a slower pace

Breath deep, come on, you can do it, slowly; take a breath slowly

The tightness begins, your chest is pounding

The pain it still exists, it will not stop the pain increased

Sit down on the grass just close your eyes, try to calm yourself

Wait, Wait, can you feel the touch,

A touch from her that soothes you so

The touch always comes,

To calm the breathing and fear

And slow pounding in your chest

Be patient, call quietly, she always hears

There, there it is, the voice,

Now the touch, the one you are waiting for

The peace it brings the comfort that comes

Now your body rests, the breathings slows

The heart can slow and all can be calm, calm again

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