Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Father

My Father is a man of words

He taught me in his speech

But sometimes I did not understand

For they were out of reach

We spoke about many things

Things he knew I must change

But these were mostly only words

For meanings they held none

My Father is a man of wisdom

One who taught about knowledge

But as a child I understood this not

Or was it I wanted not to know

I tried to do things my own way

For certainly I could do it too

And so it was with a lot of trial

I got them done, but not well

My Father is a man of faith

This is most important to him

And I tried to follow him in this

But would stumbled often and fall

There were times I disappointed him

The thing I did and did not do

But sons will always act this way

And father just seem to forgive

My Father is very educated

He studies continually

He has always wanted education

To be engrained in me

But book learning came hard for me

I need to take things apart

I proved it once one day

When I took apart his tools

My Father is a hard working man

He finds great joy in work

I got to share this with him once

And learned about that joy

Those days we shared did not last long

But I treasure them looking back

We had our little quarrels

But that just made us closer

My Father is a loving man

I see it, hear it and watch it

I have been privy to many things

Things other may not know

That action he’s done

The things he’s said

Are not important now

But know this,

This Man I call Father

Has a place in my heart

Has my undying love

And will always be my Dad

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