Friday, July 8, 2011

His Servant

There is a reverence that comes

It over whelms you when you feel it

It is a feeling like no other

And not a feeling you often share

For the presences of the Lord is not shared

It is not often shared when people convene

When you feel it you know it

And makes you act and acknowledge

For with such grace must be shown gratitude

I did not see him coming

But the feeling was very real

I turned to see just who it was

To find my friend, my servant

One who loves and helps me

Along my path I take

It is this respect that came from

A mutual love we share

Having called upon him persistently

Touched by the Lord Himself as we met

Each time been blessed with care

To know he is there when I call

Gives comfort and settles my fears

For this is what I live for

I am able to call Home and speak

Talking to Father and asking to come

Yet being told to wait and work hard

With the care and spirit of His servant

This answer to wait is made simple

1 comment:

  1. This one made me cry. I am sure there are many moments in your life when you feel it is time to "go home" - I have felt that way myself, and I don't deal with nearly the quantity of issues that you do.
    Please know that your faith, as expressed in this poem, has strengthened me. I will take your counsel, and in my moments of struggling, I will remember. Love you.