Friday, July 8, 2011

The Whisper

I have traveled many places in this life I’ve lived

And spoken to a myriad of people

Some becoming friends and others meeting only once

Hearing a man called my name from a distance I did could not see

His voice seemed a bit recognizable as I walked closer to Him

As He came in to view I could not place His face yet more familiar He became

He talked to me about my life and things that I had done

Though faults were mentions I never felt distraught

I was filled with a need to change

Then at once I noticed His hands and saw His feet

I wept as I fell to my knees and finally knowing who He is

He pulled me up as He whispered to me

With the softness of his voice He called me son as His eyes met mine

I asked Him to take me home, He smile and told me no

With a voice that commands with only a soft whisper He told me

You have work to do, even in your disabled state

Your smile, your faith, your teaching, all goes to help those in need

Your time will come, but it’s not now, but I will come for you

Looking back at on the conversation it feels like a dream

But now know what is expected of me

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