Friday, July 8, 2011

Cold Sweats

At the end of the day when you have worked

Hard as hard as you can work these days

You sit under a tree to find some shade

And begin to find the evening breeze

It takes you back to the days gone past

The mind wanders to other things

Breeze lulls the feelings and over comes the mind

Dreams move me from one place to another

I am taken back through the movements

Life as major and minor movements

Both of which has happened to me

Hard work and time to my self

Great vacations and time at home

Good, bad, all that are memorable

Some that are shocking, others that are soothing

But these memories I pull from movements most often

Whether great or small

Seem to be what is left of me

Yet now it is a minor movement that wakes me

Cold sweats and the breeze run chills through me

I cannot run from what I feel or the strength of the feeling

But I do not remember what I dreamed or why this has happened

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