Friday, July 8, 2011

Structure of Life

The structure of life seems to push us along the path

Days that start and end

Weeks that begin without notice

Months that fly through time

And years that seem to come and go without end

Milestones we mark and move through as highlights in time

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, dot the calendar

Seem to come and go without notice as the pass through the day

Days start the same way and end with an abruptness

Waking, eating, sitting and waiting

Weeks are numbered and days all numbered the same

Months and years follow all the same

Moving only days on the calendar

Yet life is always so different

No day is ever the same

Time passes and we may repeat ourselves

Yet it is never exact

Birthdays change, as do people

Even though the sun comes up every day

It moves across the sky as it awakes

The moon and stars circle the sky

Showing the movement in time

Likewise we to move through cycles

Showing our lives and emotions

Teaching others about ourselves

And learning from the things we do

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